Directing the Flow of Innovation for Our Youth

We want to take the collective brainpower of the world’s smartest people and organizations and direct it toward a vital cause.

It’s not surprising that the rates of adolescent anxiety, depression and suicide have risen sharply in the last decade. It takes time and real effort for teenagers to become functioning members of society and learn the different norms and roles that make up their daily lives. Increased access to technology means there’s more to learn, more to know, more choices to make, and more “things” happening in the world on top of a variety of pressures from friends, adults and society.


Until recently, the impact of social technology on adolescent mental health wasn’t really on the radar. It is now.

We invite you to join us in developing and bringing to market innovations that provide teenagers with the world they need and deserve – a world with the space, tools, and opportunities to grow and more effectively navigate their wellbeing.


Headstream: Innovation for Youth Wellbeing is our first program focused on mental health. We believe it’s possible to make the digital world a better place for everyone — especially youth. We believe it’s imperative to be kinder to each other, to limit the impact of inadvertent negative experiences, to help teens learn how to recover from various harms, to recognize and encourage prosocial behavior, and to build healthy relationships.

The headstream is where a river is born, where the first drop of water joins with millions of others to create a force powerful enough to alter landscapes. At SecondMuse, we believe we can unite an equally powerful community who can collectively transform the way young people engage with technology to promote healthy social and emotional development.


our team

Carrie Freeman Partner
Stuart Gill Partner
Todd Khozein Partner
David Ball Headstream Director
Lena Delchad Head of Strategy
Tony Salvador Head of Research
Carla Loury Community and Experience Manager
Matt Scott Head of Communications
Bridgette Johnson Headstream Associate

For over a decade, SecondMuse has led innovation challenges and accelerators across six continents for clients that include NASA, Intel, Nike, and USAID.

Our experience has seen us directing brilliant teams as they tackled some of the world’s most complex challenges with massive implications for humankind. We launched Headstream to focus our efforts specifically on one of those challenges—the rising rate of mental illness among teenagers, particularly those in the LGBTQ+ community, young women, and people of color.

We invite you to join this network of committed people working towards a similar goal: a brighter outlook for youth mental health and wellbeing!

We believe that finding market-based solutions that can be embraced by a broad network is key to the solution. We seek to connect the technology sector with the insights, resources, and direction they need to make a real impact.

Together, we can accelerate the journey to improved mental wellbeing for our young people.


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