Dare to Design: Beginning to Build for Better Youth Mental Wellbeing

SecondMuse is hosting a Boston convening at Artists for Humanity to kick off Headstream open innovation program.

There are many narratives that surround youth mental wellbeing. This is ours. Headstream is on a mission to transform the “digital places” where young people spend time building relationships and developing social and emotional skills. Through open innovation, industry collaboration, and system mobilization we will build solutions that address the intersection of technology and mental health.

That’s why, on August 8th and 9th, 2019 at Boston’s amazing Artists for Humanity, we are hosting Headstream: Springboard, a multi-day prototyping event that kicks off our open innovation program, and we want problem solvers like you to join in.

Headstream: Springboard is a highly curated and collaborative two-day gathering where you and 30-40 other leaders will come together to build market-based solutions for youth mental wellbeing. Everyone will work together to come up with a batch of solutions with the potential to provide teenagers with the world they need and deserve – a world with the space, tools, and opportunities to grow up and more effectively navigate the rising causes of anxiety and depression. Each team will develop a “paper prototype” of their innovation with the support of a group of youth designers from Artists for Humanity. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be part of Headstream: Springboard, let us know by filling out our application, telling us a little bit more about you and how you’re hoping to dig in.

This is your opportunity to join a community of mental health experts, inspiring youth, funders, industry leaders, and government partners all dedicated to driving change across the mental health landscape. We want you to be part of our work to help build innovations that can inspire, scale, and create impact.


You can also email us directly at hello@headstreaminnovation.com